Club Management

Club Creation

Creating a club in CardFriends is simple. First, make sure you have at least 300 diamonds (Gems) to start a club. 

After having the required number of Gems, click on “The Club” below “Play”.

Now in the CardFriends Home screen, click on “Create a Club” at the top right corner. Just fill out the information needed, and now you have your very own club in CardFriends!

Club Properties – Preferences

When creating tables in your club, you are given different options to fit your preferences. First, you can choose to have 2, 6 or 9 players.

Choosing 9 and having 8 players recruited at same time is a great choice, as many believe it enhances play and prosperity due to the “power of 8” influence and belief.

You can also choose the blinds and the buy-in amount needed. Risk Management and Table Restrictions features make it easier for you to handle the club.

Club Owners – Gems and Chips

Club Owners will always need to start with capital. The Club Owners regain this capital through the rake (“points” as it is called in CardFriends) of every game played in the club.

The rake is the amount taken out of every pot which is credited back to the club. The greater the stakes played by the players, the higher the return for the Club Owners.

Players will also buy Gems from the store to buy more chips and to continue playing in their club.


Member Recruitment – Club Code

To recruit players in CardFriends, you obtain the club code of the club you are in or the agent code. The club code can be seen in the Home screen of the club, beside the Club Name. Meanwhile, agent codes are given to club agents, who will then share it with you so you can join their team.

After receiving the club or agent code, go to the CardFriends Home screen. Click on the Club below “Play Now” and click “Join the Club” at the top right corner. Just type in your club or agent code to send a request to join!


Member Recruitment – Agents

Agents earn by commission. They recruit players, and a portion of these players’ points/rakes are credited to the agent instead of the club.