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Sebastian, PokerPals Club Owner, Mandaue City

My name is Sebastian, the club owner of the club called POKERPALS and this is the story of my poker journey. I’ve always been a hustler, I try to find different ways to make money and one of those ways is by playing poker. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to play in live games so I had to look for alternatives and that’s where I found Cardfriends. Cardfriends is a unique application that allows a person to create a poker club and make real money at the same time. I honestly thought it was all about the money, but from meeting and inviting different kinds of people into my club I realized that it wasn’t about the money rather it was the genuine connection felt between poker players that made the game worthwhile. this is the story of how Pokerpals came to be.

Naah Dy, PokerPals Agent, Danao City

CardFriends is an amazing application. I used to hate the thought of playing on online poker because I believed that it was fixed, but after constantly playing on the app I realized that it was fair and I really enjoyed the bonding time it provided my cousins and I especially during this time of COVID. CardFriends was truly an eye-opener for me on the online poker world.

Sam Sam, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I had no idea what poker was. That was until I met some very great people who introduced me to the game. Sebastian invited me into the CardFriends Club and I got to meet new people and connect with them. It was through the CardFriends app that I was able to form genuine connections while also enjoying the game I now love called Poker.

Kirk, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I hustle, I don’t settle for mediocre and try my best to excel to the best of my ability. When Sebastian invited me to CardFriends, I thought it would be easy, but to my surprise it gave me quite the challenge and I wouldn’t have it any other way. CardFriends provides that competitive boost in any player especially with real money on the line. I look forward to seeing more of the CardFriends app and new things it will bring.

Nel, PokerPals Member, Ormoc City

I find CardFriends to be a very unique application. There are different options such as the customization of the features like tables, cards etc., and the introduction of poker emojis. CardFriends seems to enhance the gameplay by introducing these different features, which makes it an app a cut above the rest.

Irish, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I've been a player in the live poker scene for quite a long time and now CardFriends has provided me the opportunity to also enhance my skills in the online poker gaming scene.

Ramon, PokerPals Manager, Mandaue City

At first, I was never into poker, but that all changed after Sebastian and my brother Miguel showed me that it was an amazing game where it not only required a small amount of luck, but a tremendous amount of skill. I’m grateful that regardless of the COVID situation. CardFriends provided the opportunity for us to connect and bond while also enjoying the game called Poker. CardFriends is a great app, I really get to enjoy the poker experience as if I’m playing in a live game.

Jolina, PokerPals Deputy, Talisay City

I was introduced to poker at a get-together with Sebastian and his cousins and that’s where I instantly fell in love with the game. I did lose quite a bit of money, but I’ve improved and I plan to show them in the club that I am not a fish anymore.

Miguel, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I am a person who focuses on personal growth and I believe that with the game of poker I have grown mentally. I have become more calculative with my decisions and actions. I have to thank the CardFriends application for allowing me to not only to practice and hone my skills in poker, but as well my decision-making.

Muaha, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I never would have thought that in my entire life I’d be playing poker on CardFriends. I was the type of person that never believed in gambling, but I realized poker wasn’t about gambling it was about pure skill paired with a little bit of luck. The idea of winning gave me such a thrill that I was hooked. CardFriends gave me a bit of what I needed, the thrill and excitement of losing or winning something.

Mario, PokerPals Member, Cebu City

I never played Poker in my life, never thought about it. In the casinos I would go to the Roulette tables, Cards was not my thing. But Recently I was introduced to CardFriends APP. and was blown away. I also took a quick online course on how to beat your opponent in online Poker. From this I felt confident to play online, and would never even consider a Casino or offline Poker club. I looked at other competitors, but felt CardFriends was the best simply because of its features, reporting and all the options available. Furthermore, the technology behind it to bring 5-9 players on one online table together from anywhere in the world is quite amazing. I also learnt the Club Model is the way forward. My dream is to run a club with my assistant and make lots of money. I am not a gambler, but building clubs is very lucrative business I invite everyone to try bulding Clubs and make it your living.


of the
PokerPals CLUB
May 2020

“Thank you CardFriends!”

“Don’t play the Cards, Play the man!” 
-Harvey Specter

Club Members Reviews

I love this app! It’s wonderful. I can't wait for more features to be introduced.
April 25, 2020
Cebu City
I think that the application is great! It not only provided me the great experience of playing online poker, but gave me satisfaction of taunting my opponents with poker emojis.
July 20, 2020
Mandaue City
I think that the application is similar to other poker applications, but it has that unique sense of being different, which makes it worth playing.
April 5, 2020
Danao City
I really like the application, but I truly believe that there are numerous rooms for improvement and I think that if these improvements are made, it will become an even better app. Looking forward to giving those 5 stars!
May 23, 2020
Cebu City
Sam Sam
I would have given it 5 stars, but I believe that there is room for improvement overall. I still love playing on the app.
April 30, 2020
Cebu City
They say when you find what you truly love, you don’t let go. I’m liking CardFriends not loving it yet. Because I believe they can change different things to make it even better. It’s like waiting for the right update to come.
May 18, 2020
Ormoc City
I love being on CardFriends! It gives me the thrill of losing or winning and it provides me a true genuine poker experience.
May 1, 2020
Cebu City
As long as I get to play poker, I love the app!
April 1, 2020
Cebu City