Frequently Asked Questions

Cardfriends is a unique app that helps people play poker from the convenience of their own homes. It’s purpose is not to be a casino based app rather it is an application that wants to deliver the best experience between users. Its aim is to deliver the same feeling when people are together at a real poker table and most of all to make them enjoy the game.
It is very simple to register in CardFriends. After installing the application and opening it up, click on the Sign Up button and fill in the required data. Afterwards, the username and password can be used to Log-in on CardFriends.
The invitation code is generated by the system. At the moment, the only way to receive one is to send a message to the administrators or creators of the app. Please send an email to regarding the quantity of codes needed and a sufficient reason.
At the bottom of CardFriends there are different icons, at the lower right corner there is a person icon which indicates profile, click on that and afterwards click on settings and scroll until you can see the Logout option.
In order to create a club, at the CardFriends home click on The Club and click on the top right corner where there are three lines, it will give you the option to join a club or to create one.

Note: You must have sufficient diamonds to create a club.
When a club is created, it is given a unique code. Just ask the owner of the club that you want to join for the code and afterwards at the homepage click on The Club below the Play now button and click on Join Club and input the corresponding code of the club that you want to join.
Clubs are established with the purpose of creating a place where people can play for real money while the Play Now button is simply free to play wherein no real money is spent only the in-game coins.
The owner of the club is given the option to promote someone to either a manager or an agent. The difference between both is the rights or privileges that they are granted in a club. The club owner also has the privilege to deactivate certain rights for both positions.
The draft option is place people in teams. It makes it easier to handle the players in a club especially when tracking statistics. For example, a player joins a club and is drafted towards a certain agent’s team. That specific agent is now assigned to keep track of his “player.” It is an option that is placed to maximize effective management.
From the name itself, Pokejis are poker emojis. We wanted to introduce this concept to liven up the player’s poker experience. A player can send pokejis while on the table to have fun with other people. Note: Pokejis can be bought with diamonds.
As an owner of the club, you have the right to promote your members to be a manager or an agent. To do this, enter your club, click on the members icon. Tap on the name of the player that you want to promote and it will lead you to that player’s page afterwards click settings and the promote option is available there.
The Request Top Up option in the club can be used when a player needs a specific item such as chips, pokejis etc., The player will send a request towards his handler either the owner of the club, a manager or an agent. Afterwards the handler will either accept or decline the request.
The stash serves as your in-game bag. Everytime a player makes a request to their handler, the handlers get the “items” present in their stash and send it to them. The stash keeps all the things that you buy from the store so you will not lose track of them.

To buy gems, first you must go to the Store. To go to Store, tap the Store tab at the bottom in between Notices and Play. When you are at the Store, go to the Gems section and choose between the Gem packages sold in that section. It will access you are Google Play account if your using android or your Apple ID if you are using iOS and it will prompt you to purchase the items with the payment method you set up to your account.

For iOS users:

  1. Apple Pay (where available)
  2. Most credit and debit cards
  3. Store credit, from redeeming gift cards or from adding funds to your Apple ID 
  4. Country – specific or region-specific additional methods. 

For Android users:

  1. Credit or debit cards
  2. Mobile phone billing (for some countries)
  3. Gcash (for some countries)

Unsupported payment methods in Google Play:

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Wester Union
  4. Money Gram
  5. Virtual Credit Cards
  6. Health Savings Account
  7. Transit Cards
  8. Any escrow type payments

Well it depends on what chips style the club you want to give chips to. There are two types of chip styles in CardFriends: Biggie and Bitty. If Biggie, 1 gem is equivalent to 5 chips and if it is Bitty, 1 gem is equivalent to 0.5 chips. You can see more of these chip styles by creating a club. 

In the Store the minimum gems that you could buy is 60 gems which is equivalent to 1.77 AUD (Australian Dollar). 

It actually depends on the Club Owner’s payment method selection. Follow the “How to do’s and instructions” by the club owners. The app has no cash-out feature. It’s on the club owner’s side who handles the cash-in and cash-out of the club you have joined in CardFriends. 

You can buy them in Store. 

Refer to question “How do I pay for gems?”.

The largest item in Store right now is 6000 gems with 500 free gems as add-ons. You can buy as many as you want but it will max-out in 1 Billion gems. 

There is no requirement in joining a club, well it depends on the club owner but in the app you can join directly to the club and what for your request to be accepted by the club owner. 

Refer to question ” What’s the minimum amount of gems I can buy to join a club and play?”.

This feature is only available in testing phase. This is not available in Production. For information on how to test this secret feature, email as in 

After entering the Club Homepage, click on the top right where there are blocks afterwards click on the option where it says Request Top Up and assign your request to your respective handler either the Owner, a manager or an agent. After that you input what you want to request and click send request.
After entering the club homepage, there are icons at the bottom so click on the Members icon. Afterwards, click on Membership and go to drafts. You can now assign your players to different handlers.
In order to report an issue, an email must be sent to The issue statement must have the following information, CardFriends build and version as well as the date. The phone model the issue occured on and the version of the system on the phone model. In order to find the required information for CF version go to cardfriends homepage and click on the Profile Icon. The information needed is found in the About section. An example will be shown below.

Send to:

Subject: Summary of the issue encountered (cannot log-in, cannot register etc.)

CF version: Version 1.0.0 Build 39 Mar-29-2020 Cebu Server

Phone model: Samsung A10 Android v9
Please send an email to and we will connect you with the required personnel as soon as possible.
Every time the CardFriends app is upgraded, you can always update it through the app store or play store and you will never miss any update because there will always be a notification to update so you will always be on the latest version.
In the Clubs homepage, click on the green table icon with the + sign and configure your desired setting. Afterwards create your table and start playing.
No. The application CardFriends does not require a gambling license to be fully operation on both the play store and app store.
A deputy is similar to the manager. As agents can never be present 24/7, we’ve introduced the role of Deputy. The Deputies job is to take on the role of the agent whenever the agent is unavailable.
Enter CardFriends and then enter your club. At the club homepage click on the members icon at the bottom and then click on the username of the person that you want to promote. Afterwards it will bring you to that person’s page and then click on settings where you will be able to promote him as your deputy.
Reminder: Only an agent can promote you to deputy.
Just keep on playing in Challenger and consistently win! 
First go to Profile. Next tap Settings and when the Settings page shows up, tap the Change Username option. In the Change Username page, input your new username in the New Username Box and tap the “Change”. A Confirmation Popup will show, to continue just tap “Yes”.

Note: Changing username costs 10 gems but if your account is a Black VIP account, changing username is free until VIP subscription expires.

First go to PROFILE. Next tap Settings and when the Settings page shows up, tap the Change Password option. In the Change Password page, input your old password and the new password in the corresponding boxes and then tap “Save”. The other way to do this is to tap the Password button below your Profile picture in PROFILE. Input your old password and the new password in the corresponding boxes and then tap “Save”.

In the Login Page, tap “Forgot Password?”. Next it will ask you to enter the email of that account that you have forgotten so that you will receive the confirmation code for you to reset the password of your account. After you input your email, tap “Get Code”. Next go to your email and then you copy the code. Paste the code in the app in the Enter Code Box then tap “Submit”. Then your will be asked to set your new password. After you input your new password, tap “Log-in”.
In CardFriends Main Page, tap the Wheel Button on the upper left corner of the screen. A Popup will show with a colorful wheel in it. Next tap the buttons below with “Spin” in their name or if you feel lazy just tap “Auto” found at the lower right of the wheel. By tapping either of these buttons will spin the will and pick your quest randomly.  

Note: You must be part of a club to get quest.
Quest is like a mission to gain rewards after you complete the required task to finish it. Its difficulty ranges from easy to hard. Quest has two types according to time; the daily quest and the weekly quest. Daily quest is a quest that should be done at the end of the day or else you won’t get your reward on that quest and it will be automatically removed in the quest list. Weekly quest is the same with daily quest but it must be done until the end of the week. You can only have up to 3 daily quest and 5 weekly quest. Rewards of completing a quest varies. Some wil get xp and some will get gold.
To get the “10 consecutive claims” reward in the daily rewards, you must claim your daily rewards daily in 10 consecutive days and then you will be rewarded.
No, you must collect your daily rewards manually by going to the Daily Rewards and press the Claim button or else you will miss your rewards for that day.